The Vital Business Report Trifecta

Keeping Your Business In Balance

Chances are that you’ve heard someone use the terms “Budget” and “Forecast” before but you may not know they are different and best used together. Business owners can monitor and make adjustments to their business operations by implementing accurate monthly financial statements, annual budgets and monthly or quarterly forecasts.

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Pay it forward on Mothers Day

A Great Story for Mother’s Day

We really believe that Mother’s Day should extend for more than just one day a year. We prefer to call it Mother Days. Multiple days during the year when we honor the ones before us and the ones after us. Especially on days that are harder than others. We read this great story on CNN and thought it had a sweet and touching message.

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Celebrating International Women’s (Business Owner) Day

Today is International Women’s Day.  I own my own consulting and bookkeeping firm with my partner, Donna, who is a citizen and resident of the Philippines. My partner and I celebrate our international diversity on a daily basis. We are successful as a company because we engage and appreciate our employees. Our employees on both continents are engaged and truly appreciate our clients. Donna and I go over and above to make our employees feel part of our work family.

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